Shopping for Cheap Beds? Try a Divan!


For those of us moving out into our own space for the first time, the first thing we need to do after securing a living area is to buy a bed. For most of us who are studying or on a low wage, it will be a cheap bed simply because our budgets are limited. However, we still want the best value for money when it comes to getting a decent sleep. There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning after a sleepless night with a sore back and aching muscles.

If you shop around, either in local shops or online, there are plenty of bargains to be found. Here are a few points to consider when shopping for cheap beds.


Look for retailers that carry end-of-line sales. These are stores that are looking to clear out old models of beds so that they can stock new ranges supplied by various manufacturers. A top of the line bed that would have cost a high price three years ago is now sold at basement bargain levels, and there are quite a few bargains to be found.


A divan bed is likely to be just the thing you need. These beds are multifunctional and can double up during the day to use as a couch, and at night they become a generously sized bed. The great thing about divan beds is that they are best suited to smaller living areas. What’s even better is that they are designed to maximize storage capacity. In many cases storage drawers are incorporated in the bed base, and simply slide underneath the bed. Because you can also use them as multifunctional furniture, this alone makes it cheaper than buying must purchase separate furniture. Find cheap divan beds here.


Metal beds may be another option to think about in your search for cheap beds, as these are usually the cheapest option – cheaper than the aforementioned popular divan. However, it is highly recommended that you try each of the beds before you purchase. This is because metal beds are not silent beds and the squeaking can tend to be very noisy. They also tend to be less comfortable than a divan, and in my opinion don’t look as good, although you might disagree if you like a minimalistic look.

When looking for cheap, do not be too concerned about the details of each type of mattress, for example, whether it features pocket springs, memory foam or latex. Your choice of bed should always be based on trying it out before buying. Spend a couple of minutes by lying on each bed (on the back and on your side) and choose the mattress that is most comfortable and provides support for your back.

Before going out on the hunt for a new bed, always get measurements of the room so that there are no problems getting the bed in when it arrives from the store. There should always be enough space around the front and sides of the bed to ensure that you are able to comfortably move around. There should also be enough space to open your wardrobe doors, and if you choose a divan with pull out drawers, enough room to extend them fully.