Gene Bernshtam: The leader of real estate industry in Chicago

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Chicago has emerged as one of the most popular city which attracts people from all over the world for work, business, and education. All this has resulted in the growth of population here and this in turn has increased the demand for the living spaces.

Gene Bernshtam: The well-known real estate developer

Mr. Bernshtam is a leading real estate developer. Through Avalon Holdings LLC, Gene has helped develop unique mixed use and residential spaces with a minimalistic modern theme. In fact Gene has garnered a lot of appraisal for their modern architectural designs. Besides real estate development, Gene Bernshtam also offers management and investment consulting services.

Gene Bernshtam always values a functional living space more than just an attractive looking room. He is the founder of Avalon Holdings LLC, which specializes in developing apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. As large number of people have been moving into the city and settling there, constructing living space for these multi-ethnic people has become a difficult task. Avalon Holdings LLC has been doing remarkably well in developing apartments that just does not allow customers just to stay inside it but also meet their contemporary needs.

Before coming into the profession of real estate industry, Gene has completed his graduation with a degree in finance from Loyola Business School. He has received series 7 and 63 licenses that enabled him to work for an investment banking firm just after his college. He has also been a CEO in a real estate development and investment company, as well as into an auto business. When not busy with his work, he loves collecting and restoring classic automobiles and also loves to take part in scuba diving, traveling, and weightlifting etc.

Under the leadership and supervision of Gene Bernshtam , the Avalon Holdings LLC has been creating apartments with impressive designs keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. In fact, Avalon has been able to provide custom-made services to clients. This enables their clients to stay satisfied and happy.

Gene says that big transformations have taken place in the field of modern housing and these changes are extraordinary. Most modern real estate business houses have been creating properties in sync with the budding requirements and necessities. Even though there are many who have been offering buyers different living spaces that meet their usual needs, there are few real estate builders who understand not just the present requirements and necessities can justify and thus they create revolutionary properties at the same time.

As the real estate properties are built for long-standing use, so it is significant to know what are the special elements for better living would come out in the near future that people would be reliant on. Mr. Bernshtam has been considerate about the needs and requirements of the potential buyers and as per their demand he creates the living spaces. This is what makes Mr. Bernstham stick out from the other real estate players in the market.