How to Choose the Location for a London Long Let

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When you are looking for a London long let, several factors should be considered. Location can break or make your letting experience. You should ask yourself several questions while thinking of a long letting location: whether you are ready to spend hours in the traffic to get home, how easy is it to get to work and where the closest grocery shop is located to name a few. To get the best long let in London, letting agents in Fulham – an ideal location – are helpful.

Commuter Distance

The commute to and from work should be well thought. If you will be using public transport, you should consider how much fare you are willing to spend. If you own a car, you should consider the amount of time you are ready to spend driving around London every day and your petrol budget. You could also consider a location that you can easily walk to your job and the nearest shopping centre. Take a look at your surrounding options that tick the commuting boxes and work out the best location by having a look at the properties available, learn more.  

Good Security and Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is an important factor to consider when thinking of a location for a long let. Moving to a new place when you have no friends or family close can be a little bit stressful. It would be a great idea to find a location where you have friends living close by, or a place with people who are friendly. You can meet people in local establishments and groups, so anywhere close to a place that looks interesting to you should be considered.

The location you decide on should have shops that you can have easy access to. You will need easy access to groceries so you should check out where the local supermarkets are. If you are passionate about working out, then you should be on the lookout for gyms nearby. Find out if the area has restaurants and other eatery joints where you can go to relax during the weekends.

The security of the area is very important for you to feel safe. Although, by being in a rented property you can be assured the landlord, especially letting agents in Fulham, will have ensured safety measures have been applied to prevent burglaries. You can enquire about all areas to find out if they are known for insecurity incidents, so that you avoid letting in such areas. You can read about the crime rate in the area so that you know whether it is safe to walk at night or not.


The location of the place you want to let will determine the amount of money you will pay as rent. The nearer you are to the city, the more rent you are likely to pay. Living away from the city will help you to get a letting space at a much cheaper price, although you will also incur costs when it comes to commuting. Find a good spot for a London long let at an affordable rent, learn more.