Peter Howe Michigan Recommends Steps To Sell Your Home

Real Estate

A home is everyone’s biggest asset and so people are extremely invested in the outcome than any agent could be. But the simple trick to getting a good sale price is to be engaged in every step of the way. Peter Howe Michigan suggests here the key steps to selling your house:

  1. Arrange according to your personal timeline: What exactly is prompting this sale for you? Is it a career or job change which needs you to move to another place or is the sale tied to financial concerns, medical corners or education? This is because; urgency determines the price you will get out your house. If you want to quickly sell off your house then you will need to lower the price. But if you can wait then you can get your ideal price. For this you should:
  • Evaluate all your finances and budget.
  • Add up the transaction costs and remaining equity.
  • Collect all your key documents like the title, survey, insurance and mortgage.
  • Get to know the current price range in the neighbourhood since your price has to be similar to it.
  1. Take stock of your house’s condition: Atleast two months before listing evaluate the condition your property is in and then fix the problems therein. Your house needs to be in its best possible condition to sell, especially if you want to sell it quickly. For this tour your home with a critical eye and look into the book and crannies. Or you can get a friend to give you his or her honest opinion of how the house looks to an outsider. Look for three types of problems:
  • Cosmetic problems: Fix up torn window screens, crooked light fixtures, bent door handles and more. Freshen up your house and update the colour scheme of your with soft colours so that it will be more aesthetically appealing.
  • Functional repairs: Examine the conditions of appliances like heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing along the roof and other structural elements of the house.
  • The un-fixables: These are those which are out of your control like the location of the house or your neighbors or the noise and traffic etc. If there are factors which damage the appeal then be honest and price your house accordingly.
  1. Establish the price: As per Peter Howe Michigan that research the local market, have someone provide an on-site valuation of your home and establish your price range one month before listing. It would be easier to establish a baseline for your asking price in a rising market.
  2. Prepare to sell: Three weeks before listing, declutter and clean up the house. Also make your house look inviting and welcoming.
  3. List and Market: A week before listing gather all the materials for listing like photos, pricing documents, room measurements and more. Then list up with a firm. After that print out fliers and other advertising methods to invite potential home buyers.
  4. Accept an Offer: After negotiating accept an offer and then make enquiries into the buyers’ qualifications. After it all, accept the offer if it fits your criteria.
  5. Paperwork and closing: For this cooperate with your home inspector, buyer’s agent and provide legal documents when necessary.

Selling a home takes time but it is surely one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life and as such should be handled with utmost care and attention.